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the mstim lgt-230 series base on android, ios and other mobile terminal systems to do treatment with mobile phone or tablet pc.

mstim reha lgt-231 uses tens, nmes, mcr to stimulate nerves or muscles to help relieve pain and improve neuromuscular function.

mstim sport lgt-232 uses low frequency electric stimulation (nmes and tens), help professional athletes or fitness, sports enthusiasts who with higher requirements on muscle performance, help them enhance muscle ability, improve athletic performance, relieve muscle soreness after exercise

mstim drop lgt-233 is utilizes the principle of functional electrical stimulation in neuromuscular electrical stimulation. mstim drop lgt-233 delivers electrical pulses to the common peroneal nerve as well as the tibialis anterior and other muscles to make the movement dorsiflexion and eversion. to help patients correct foot drop and improve gait while walking.

mstim arth lgt-235 uses low-frequency electrical stimulation (tens and mcr) to relieve inflammation and pain of patients with knee osteoarthritis.